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A recent customer of our who is a active member of took to the forums to do a detailed write up on the purchase and installation of our Ford Raptor Long Travel Race Suspension Kit. After completing the install he posted the following review:

So I’ve been out tuning on this Baja Kits – Brenthel kit. It’s ridiculous.

3.0’s aren’t even close. The lt kit sticks like a cat on Velcro.

You can crest a hill, or come out of a g-out, and immediately correct your line. Feels unnatural, the truck is way up in the air and you’re totally in control. Same with big hits or g-outs, its very progressive and there is no big thump and subsequent upset to the chassis.

It sucks up the small to medium stuff with zero drama, its hard to tell you are hitting anything. Big stuff is more of a “whoooomp”, not a “bang” like the stock shocks and 3.0’s.

My wife lied to me, travel length certainly matters !

Something else I’m seeing on the gopro footage is that unlike some lt kits, it doesn’t ride on the bumps in light to medium use. They only strike the lca on high articulation angles. Makes tuning easier as you don’t have a big compression jump until very late in the travel.

I’m impressed as hell, can’t quite believe how much faster it is now on my regular trails, yet more composed too. It is damn near boring on fast whooped out sections where I felt right on the razors edge with the 3.0’s.

Worth the money and time ?
Hell yes!

I’m shocked how much better it actually is, I did not expect such a dramatic difference compared to the old 3.0/deaver setup.
Downsides, it does wander a bit more on the highway, it does feel a little like you’re driving a trophy truck in terms of chassis response, and you’ve seen how they handle on pavement.

Upsides, it handles a little like a trophy truck in the dirt !

To check out the full build thread and the review for your self CLICK HERE

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