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More About Silverado/Sierra 1500 14-18

If you’re setting up your late model Silverado 4WD truck with a prerunner, chase, or race kit, Baja Kits meet the geometry goals your offroad travels require.  Start shopping for those bigger tires and order a Baja Kit. Take your Chevy 4-wheeler through arid deserts and challenging climbs while getting the uniformity and stability you expect. We’ve tested all the components for front kits and rear kits, ensuring maximum articulation, greater stability, and steering comfort for your Silverado 1500 four-wheeler.  Add on a stout shackle to accommodate a leaf spring package on your Chevrolet offroad suspension kit. Enjoy maximum wheel travel and motion ratios with your new setup. To enhance protection, we offer skid plates that allow you to slide over rocks and crest sand dunes without hanging up on the frame rails.

Our Baja Kits facility works with cutting-edge technology and equipment. Our innovation and dedication to building high-quality parts has earned us the title of being one of America’s top off-road part manufacturers. Not only do we let the quality of our products speak for itself, but we also aim to provide stellar customer service. Most of our business originates from personal referrals, and we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations every step of the way.

Amp up your 4-wheeling experience with a Baja Kit.