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More About Chevrolet/GMC 2WD

Adding one of our GMC or Chevrolet offroad kits to your Colorado or Silverado 2WD can help you conquer Baja or simply amplify your trail experience.

What does your Chevy 2WD truck need to do? Turn your Colorado into a mudder or a racer? Baja Kits pulls together the highest-quality components for your ride.  Using only parts with the highest tolerances and best tenability, we’ve got direct bolt-on prerunner kits that handle washboard ravines and paved interstates. The kit for your new Colorado truck includes Trophy Truck grade uniballs on both the upper and lower arms, and tuned King coil over shocks with remote reservoirs and compression adjusters for precise tuning sustained dampening.These setups offer a level of comfort and handling that makes you want to spend even more time behind the wheel of your Silverado.

Our Baja Kits facility works with cutting-edge technology and equipment. Our innovation and dedication to building high-quality parts has earned us the title of being one of America’s top off-road part manufacturers. When it comes to selecting parts for your off-road vehicle, you can either settle on cheaper sub-par parts or insist on the best: Baja Kits.

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