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“Light. Stronger. Faster.” The Method Wheels team is made up of off-road racing enthusiasts, just like you and me. They put the knowledge they’ve gained in off-road truck and rally racing to make strong and light wheels for both racing and street use.

Sure, these wheels enhance the look of your truck or SUV, but they’re engineered to endure. Method builds wheels to handle your vehicle – no matter the lift or setup. The wheels are performance rims that maintain structural integrity but have strategically shed unwanted weight. A truck riding on Method Wheels has improved radial, axial, and cornering load capacities.

Choose beadlocked nor non-beadlocked racing wheels and feel confident knowing Method has beefed them up to hold strong all the way to the finish line. Method’s street wheels simulate the look off racing rims, have a clear-coated matte finish for protection and a push-through center cap.

Whether you’re using the wheels for street or rock-crawling, Method gives you that classic off-road look. Order yours from Baja Kits, and choose the diameter, width, and bolt pattern you need. Buy now.